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How to benefit from using a used saddle

Buying used saddles should be taken into consideration as it is the most important investment after you buy a horse. The main purpose is that the saddle should fit the horse and the rider as such. Since saddles are very expensive, it’s better to purchase for a used saddle. Used saddles are not that bad as you may think. Here are some reasons you will like to purchase for one.

Reduces expenses

The price of the used saddle should be the first reason for a rider to purchase one. New saddles offered by brand are more expensive whereas used once are available at affordable prices. You can find them on online website like equitack and eBay. Used saddle can be the best for your horse if you wish to purchase for one.

Quality saddles

More to that, you should consider the quality and comfort offered by your ridding saddle. Longsighted to this, used saddle have nothing to envy to new saddles. A recent one can be better than the updated model. Used saddle is an excellent way for quality products. Another advantage is that you will be spoilt with choices. Also buy used saddles made famous companies.

Different types of model

Saddlers normally change their model annually in other to bring out new changes, new technology, change materials, links to famous riders so as to boost the model’s brand. Various models are thus available. You thus have the opportunity to have a model of your choice or a dreamt model. Some customers like to be on point with the market vogue, and thus sell “old” saddles even though used only for few times in favor of new ones.

Purchase more at lower cost

If you are a rider who enjoys more than one discipline, it is good to have more than one saddle at your possession. If you love dressage, hunter-pace, show jumping for example it’s good to adapt a saddle to a discipline. Buying used saddles doesn’t hurt as much and affords a much better ride.

Matured leather

The originality of a new saddle is ridden out of it thus the leather has time to get matured. The saddle should have been cleaned and treated with leather preparation in other to keep it in good condition. Buying saddles avoid you of the cost of maintenances.

Used saddles as you’ve seen above is not that bad as the word used could mean. With a wide selection of premium used saddles, equitack proposes a collection of used antares saddles for saleon their website.


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