Parkside ranch

In our ranch, Antares is our favorite brand

Antares is a brand of horse equipment that continues to prioritize us day by day. Our ranch is a favorite because it has satisfied us with the quality products it provides and its services are also very efficient and affordable.

Why Antares is our favourite brand?

For years, our ranch has never been from the Antares brand. Many enthusiasts rub shoulders with the day and day the establishment and our ground, also, it is very important to put at their disposal a mark of equipment safe and quality. With us, the antares saddles are in great demand. Why ? Because we prioritize, first and foremost, our horses who must feel comfortable when carrying someone on their backs. These saddles offer them the comfort and relaxation they need to do the exercises they are asked to do and so that their movement and movement can not interfere with the riders. Secondly, these equipments provide a perfect balance for our enthusiasts, which motivates them to take up all the challenges and to perfect themselves from day to day. We can also discuss the fact that these saddles offer good posture to our fans of riding, which prevents them from having backaches, muscles or bones.

Very practical and very requested

Antares is one of the most appropriate brands in the field of riding. Why ? Because it perfectly meets the needs of enthusiasts and optimizes day by day the sale of very affordable products that can help them surpass themselves and strengthen the link that exists between them and their animals. In addition, it provides all types of equipment of all sizes, designs, styles and materials that will allow everyone to find what suits them. One of the reasons that drives us to choose this brand is mainly because it prioritizes the demands of beginners and professionals in the field. It also highlights the needs of animals that should never be neglected. If it is our favorite brand, it's because it knows how to combine professionalism, quality and profitability in terms of price: advantageous, is not it?


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